• Retreat rates are $64.00 per person per night. Tax is included and is not charged separately.  
  • There is a 2 night, 6 guest minimum to reserve the retreat house.  While groups of fewer than 6 guests are welcome, they will be charged the same rate as a group of 6 guests would be charged, $380.00. Tax is included and not charges separately.  It is assumed that the group would divide the cost evenly between the guests.
  • An additional $100.00 security deposit will be charged once your first reservation has been approved.  We will keep your deposit for future reservations unless you inform us otherwise.

Booking Policies

Booking Your Retreat

To reserve a retreat space for your crafting group, we kindly ask that one point person, the Retreat Coordinator, take the lead. This coordinator will be our main contact for the reservation and will handle all the paperwork and group fees. This streamlined process helps ensure a smooth retreat experience for everyone involved and keeps your costs down.

When booking your first retreat you are asked to sign a Short-term Rental Agreement outlining our policies, house rules, and expectations. You will also be asked to pay a security deposit and complete a guest list to let us know who will be attending the retreat.

All the documents you provide, including the guest list, are completely confidential. We securely store them for future bookings only if that’s helpful for you. If you prefer otherwise, just let us know.

Security Deposit

Your Security Deposit acts as a reservation holder, but it is also used to cover costs of any damage that may occur.  We have found our crafting guests always treat our retreat like their home and are respectful of our property, but accidents can happen!  In the event there are damages, missing items, or excessive cleaning needs after you check out, we’ll simply deduct it from your security deposit and send you a bill to replace that amount, so you always have a full security deposit on file for future reservations.  

Guest List

When you reserve a retreat with us, you’ll receive a “Reservation Guest List” form in your email. Simply fill it out with the names and contact info of all your expected guests. We understand it can be a challenge to get everyone to commit to a retreat way in the future, so if some of your friends are still contemplating, no worries! Just send us the list of those interested, and we’ll keep a Master List file for you. Once you’ve sent your first list, you’re set – no need to resubmit.  Retreat coordinators can easily make as many changes as needed up to the invoice due date.  Just email names to be removed from or added to the list and we’ll take it from there.

Want to add or remove a guest after the invoice due date?  Guests can’t be removed from the list, but you can add more guests after the invoice due date provided there is enough time settle your account before your check-in date.

Special Circumstances: Just let us know about any special circumstances, and we’ll work with you whenever possible.

We hope this policy puts you in control, providing peace of mind as you finalize your guest list at your own pace. We’re here to support you and make your retreat planning as smooth as possible!

Ready to book another retreat? No problem! We’ll keep all your booking documents on file. All you do is click on the Booking Calendar tab or Book Now button, follow the directions and that’s it.  We will send you the Master Guest List we have on file and all you do is notify us of any changes, according to the policy above.  It’s as simple as that!


    After we receive your guest list, we’ll send you a friendly email with an invoice attached. To ensure everything goes smoothly, please settle the invoice 30 days before your check-in date. Feel free to make any changes to the guest list before the due date, and we’ll update the invoice accordingly.

    If, for any reason, the payment isn’t received by the due date mentioned on the invoice, there’s a chance the reservation might be canceled, and unfortunately, your security deposit will be forfeited.

    To help you save on costs, we kindly ask Retreat Coordinators to handle the collection and submission of all requested fees. This way, it’s easier for everyone, and you won’t need to worry about individual guests sending in their fees separately.


    Check-in and Check-out

    Check-in is after 3 pm and check-out is before 11:30 am. 

    To ensure a comfortable stay for all our guests, we kindly ask that you adhere to our check-in and check-out times. Please keep in mind that a two-night reservation will provide one full day of crafting, while a three-night reservation will provide two full days of crafting, and so on.

    You will receive check-in information and a door code the the week prior to your retreat.  

    Early Check-in and Late Check-out Requests:

    It is our mission to provide our guests with the best possible crafting experience which includes maintaining a environment conducive to relaxation and creativity. To achieve this goal, we need a proper amount of time between reservations for thorough cleaning, sanitization, and restocking to maintain our high standards for hygiene and comfort.  Therefore, we cannot accommodate early check-ins or late check-out, as it will not allow us the time needed to prepare the retreat for each group.  Additionally, to provide early check-ins and late check-outs we would have to block off additional nights before or after your stay, preventing other guests from booking those days. 

      Cancelation Policy

      Flexible Retreat Panning: Cancellations and Date Changes:

      We understand that life sometimes throws curveballs. Here’s a breakdown of our cancellation and date change policy:

      • Full Refunds (30+Days’ Notice): If you need to cancel your retreat more than 30 days before the scheduled date, we’ll be happy to provide a full refund of any fees you’ve paid so far, including your security deposit.  If you would like us to keep your security deposit on file for future reservations, just let us know.
      • Want to change your retreat dates (30+Days’ Notice)? No worries! If your desired dates are available, we’ll gladly transfer your reservation and apply all existing fees to your new booking.
      • Changes After Invoice Deadline (Fewer Than 30 Days’ Notice:  We try our best to accommodate date changes, but if adjustments are made after the invoice deadline and we can’t fill in the original dates, it becomes a cancellation in our system. In this case, any paid fees will be transferred to your new date, but the security deposit will be forfeited. A new security deposit will be required to secure your rescheduled retreat.  We will keep the new deposit on record for future retreats unless you request otherwise.


      If you have a serious reason for canceling or rescheduling close to your retreat date, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’ll do our best to work with you in such situations.
      This policy aims to be fair and flexible while allowing us to maintain the retreat schedule. By communicating openly, we can ensure a smooth experience for everyone!

      Changes and policy exceptions are made at the sole discretion of Creative Gatherings, LLC management.

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