Let Your Creative Juices Flow

The Craft Room

Well Equipped and Comfortable
Flooded with Natural Light
Coffee Station with Refrigerator and Microwave

Let Your Imagination and creativity soar in our 800 sq. ft. fully equipped project room.

Plenty of Natural Light

The Project Room is flooded with natural light and opens onto a huge shaded patio with a fire pit.  Grab your coffee, tea, or wine and have a seat on the patio while you begin creating your next project in your mind.  Additionally, all ceiling lighting uses full-spectrum natural daylight bulbs so guests can see true colors.

Flexible Table Arrangements

With 800 sq. ft. of space and 16 tables, crafters can arrange the tables any way that works best for their project.

Other Arrangements

Tables can be arranged in large or small pods.  Or they can be arranged in L-shaped formations to allow extra table space for each guest.

Cutting Tables

The Project Room has two cutting tables with mats.  One table is equipped with an electric height adjustment control so guests can adjust the height to wherever they are the most comfortable.

Sit While You Cut

The adjustable table can be adjusted low enough to cut fabric while sitting in one of the ergonomic rolling chairs.

Stave Off Backaches 

The adjustable table can be raised high enough for even the tallest guest to work comfortably.

Task and Magnifying Lights

Task and magnifying lights for seam ripping, fine needlework, and other craftwork are provided for each table.

Lumbar Support

A variety of lumbar support pillows are provided so guests can choose just the right support while working on their projects.

Coffee Bar

For our guests’ convenience, a fully equipped coffee bar with 2 types of coffee makers, a microwave, and a refrigerator is located right in the Project Room.

Share Books for Inspiration

Guests can peruse the texts on quilting and other crafts, gardening, or even choose a novel to read.  They may even choose to use some of the patterns provided in a few of the texts.  All texts have been donated by guests who have used them and want to share with other guests.

2+ Ironing Stations

Iron entire quilt tops easily using our extra large ironing table.  The room is also equipped with a wide ironing board which creates two ironing stations in all.  A third ironing board is also available when needed.

Grab your coffee and take a well-deserved break on the patio.

The project room opens to a large covered patio with a fire pit.

Create and Relax in Style

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